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Sixth Grade through Eighth Grade


In grades sixth through eight, students flourish intellectually and emotionally – a phase during which they are able to comprehend advanced concepts and process information to think analytically. This is a time of rapid growth as students prepare for the academic, social, and leadership challenges of high school. 

At the cusp of adolescence, our middle-school students are undergoing physical, emotional, and intellectual changes. Early in this stage of life, they tend to think in absolutes, make clear distinctions between right and wrong, and seek concrete answers. As they mature, they refine their ability to think abstractly and hypothetically, as well as systematically. Classroom work is geared toward helping students clarify their thinking as they explore “gray areas.” As they develop their personal identities in this period of great change, careful attention is paid to reinforcing students’ academic abilities and positive self-images, and providing opportunities to express their thoughts and ideas.

Middle school is not too early to begin preparing for adulthood, laying a foundation of skills and practical knowledge that students will need in the “real world.” In each of our middle-school grades, students are given that foundation in a key area:

Financial smarts – the basics of personal finance, introducing such topics as the economic markets, budgeting, and financial literacy.

Science & technology – hands-on, experiential learning about the scientific and technological industries, such as
environmental science.

Presentation skills – honing presentation and public-speaking skills, with an emphasis on civics and citizenship.

Our strong academic program continues through the sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade years, emphasizing excellence and preparing students for high school. Our curriculum includes:

Reading and literatureanthologies and trade books, independent reading, and preparation for New York State Standards.

Language arts – English grammar, writing skills, vocabulary, and spelling; creative, descriptive and persuasive writing, essay and
report writing.

Mathematicsmathematical reasoning, number properties, fractions and decimals, ratios, proportions and percentages, key concepts in algebra and geometry. Qualifying eighth-grade students can take Advanced Placement courses for high school.

Science – based on national, state, and diocesan standards: life science, chemistry, physical and earth science for sixth-graders; biology and human anatomy for seventh-graders; physics and chemistry for eighth-graders.

History – U.S. history from prehistory through Civil War (seventh grade) and through the Cold War (eighth grade).

Technology – building on the skills used in earlier grades, students continue to use computers, the Internet and peripherals/mobile devices for research, communication, presentations and academic reinforcement. 

Religion – Old and New Testaments, mission of Jesus Christ and the ministry of the Church, meaning and significance of the Sacramental life of the Church, liturgical calendar and feast days, historical development of the Church from the time of
Jesus to the present.

It’s a Whole New World

Today’s students enter a rigorous high-school academic environment and look ahead to the challenges of highly competitive college admissions and job markets. Grades 6, 7, and 8 in St. Pius X Middle School incorporate a
“real world emphasis” with studies and hands-on programs in science and technology.

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