The St. Pius X School Board is made up of our parish leaders, principal and assistant principal, and a diverse group of parents and friends of the school. We welcome your ideas and encourage you to reach out to members of this board. 

Our School Board

  • Serves as an advisory board concerning all aspects of the educational program of
    St. Pius X School.
  • Is supportive of the Pastor and Principal in putting into effect the policies adopted by the Diocesan School Board.
  • Serves as a liaison to the St. Pius X Parish Council.
  • Serves as a liaison to the appropriate public authority to seek a better understanding and wider support of Catholic Education within the community.
  • Is responsible for reviewing the budget prior to submitting it to the Parish Council for approval. The School Board and the Principal are then responsible for adhering to the approved school budget.
  • Is responsible for making recommendations on all fiscal matters, including tuition, financial aid and salaries, related to St. Pius X School as contained within the budget submitted to the Parish Council.
  • Offers suggestions to further develop the School Board policies and their effectiveness.
  • Provides advice and support to the Pastor and the Principal on matters relating to school policies, programs and personnel.

Board Members

Reverend James J. Walsh, Pastor
Matt Rucinski, Principal
Emily AuClaire, Assistant Principal
Steve Curtis, Assistant Principal
Mary Jo Belles, Assistant Principal
Carla Sorbero, President
Jason Driscoll, Vice President
Keith Volsky, Secretary
Erin Berghela
Taylor Carey
Jerry Crucetti
George Frany III
Nicole Lodise
Elaine Ramundo
Rebecca Ricchiuti