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At St. Pius X Church, we engage our parishioners to form....A welcoming Catholic community striving to know and love God, serve and love our neighbors, and invite others into a relationship with Jesus Christ. 


St. Pius X Church has been serving the Catholic Community of Loudonville for over 100 years. Begun in 1916 as a small chapel christened the Church of St. Pius V, it was rededicated in 1954 in the name of St. Pius X on the day Pius X was canonized. Today it serves about 1,700 families and approximately 4,000 total parishioners in the Loudonville area.

The St. Pius X Parish Community is one of engagement and service. It offers a wide range of ministries, programs and activities for parishioners who wish to share their talents and abilities in service to the Church, their fellow congregants and the communities in which they live. All activities at St. Pius X are rooted in faith, and sharing that faith in actions and words is a reflection of God’s love and our love for Him.

St. Pius X Catholic School has been educating children from the parish and the community since 1954. Believing that children learn what they live, St. Pius X School provides a rich and diverse education framed in Catholic Christian values in a safe, caring environment. Church and School, plus parishioners and teachers, work in concert to develop the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth of their children, and one another. 

In 2019, St. Pius X Church began their Growing Our Faith project which will increase space and flexibility to help make the church's visions become a reality. These improvements will be able to provide opportunities to build relationships through expanded programs, allow for more space for events and gatherings, and add additional staff to help parishioners deal with the challenges of everyday life. 


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